alextbh - "Still Mine"

Between slow-jams and trippy nu-soul of his previous singles, alextbh’s new video “Still Mine” delves into the sense of desolation. The video for alextbh’s new single “Still Mine” sees him in a variety of situations, from a dilapidated warehouse, to a stage and a muddy pond in a swamp but one thing remains constant among all the various sets – he’s depicted alone. There’s no one else in the video but him, and you can’t help but wonder if that’s a metaphor for how he really feels. There’s a p

5 cool facts about Seremban you never knew

Despite being one of the more recognizable towns in Malaysia, Seremban remains relatively low key. Weekend travellers looking for a short getaway would often throng the usual destinations but skip Seremban. Yet, like most of its more ‘popular’ counterparts, Seremban offers excellent culinary delights, outdoor activities and rich history to sink your teeth into. The fact that it is only about an hour’s drive or less from most places in the Klang Valley should offer it some advantage but yet, Ser

8 shocking things residents of Putrajaya have to deal with

We all know Putrajaya. It’s the current administrative centre of  Malaysia, where the Prime Minister’s office is located and everyone thinks it’s really far away – from everything that matters anyway. But do you know what it’s like to live there? Unlike many other parts of Klang Valley and Malaysia, there are some challenges that you could say are unique to the residents of Putrajaya. Here are 8 shocking things that they have to endure on a daily basis: You will be riding solo, most days. Dri

Merdeka Special: The untold stories of 5 historical Malaysian structures

A country’s buildings, structures and architecture, can go a long way in defining its history and cultural identity. Think about some of the iconic cities throughout the world, like New York City, London and Sydney. These cities are held in high esteem because they all have a unique identity and character, part of which has been shaped by their rich architectural history, respectively. After all, landmark buildings and structures often bear witness to key historical events or hold a special purp

7 resilient Malaysian bands that are still at it

Given the relatively small size of the Malaysian music scene and industry, getting noticed as an artiste here is perhaps not that difficult, if you’re good enough. But the realities of life can wear you down after a while. After all, not many independent bands out there can attest to being able to earn a living through making music. To be able to go through the cycle of constant practice sessions,, performing at show-after-show while writing and putting out music year-after-year, requires a cert

Lunadira - "Stuck With You"

There’s almost a punk rock spirit in the way Lunadira approaches her music. It seems ridiculous when you consider just how far her music is from the messy and inconsiderate cacophony of The Sex Pistols. But the spirit feels similar. And it’s not because she casually drops an F-bomb in a song that doesn’t sound like it should have one. Mostly it’s because like the forefathers of anarchic music, she seems to have an infectious lack of self-consciousness in her songwriting and how it’s portrayed

6 nations Malaysians are supporting at Russia this summer

There was a time when Brazil was the spiritual gatekeepers of football. They played football the way football was meant to be played - bright, positive and entertaining. So they won a lot of fans in these parts. But over the years, Brazil have lost some of their way, reverting to robust European type in the 90s and in recent times, severely underachieving at the world stage (who will ever be able to forget that 7-1 home ground mauling by Germany in the last tournament?). But new coach Tite has r

The Messi-anic Problem: What happens when you ignore the many for the one.

At the final whistle on the night of 22 June, the spotlight shone brightly on one person near the center circle at the conclusion of the Group D game between Argentina and Croatia. Croatia had battered and bossed one of the tournament’s favorites and emerged well-deserved 3-0 winners and in the process, nullified one of the supposed stars of the tournament. Lionel Messi, so often Argentina’s saviour-elect, the golden child of his country’s footballing prospects and the person regarded by most people as probably one of the greatest footballers to walk God’s earth, stood dejected on the field, washed with a feeling he probably rarely feels in a FC Barcelona shirt. He managed only a paltry 20 touches in the first half, created little and almost never threatened.

3 mega projects Tun Mahathir said yes to

As part of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s efforts to trim the national debt, he’s instituted the cancellation of a few mega projects, namely the High-Speed Rail (HSR) line to Singapore and the MRT 3 Line with a host of others under ‘review’. This has led some to label him as having an agenda against mega projects. But what most people may have forgotten is that under his initial spell as Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir launched and instituted many mega projects, a few which still stands today as beacon

6 Asian players who could light up Russia

His nickname may sound a little haughty but it may not be so far from the truth this season. Regular viewers of the English Premier League would not be surprised that Son has made the top of this list. He’s just completed a remarkable season with Tottenham Hotspur, where they have finished third, above the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Son was one of the team’s stars, clocking in 27 starts for the team and scoring an impressive 12 goals. He’s gone from the fringes of the squad just tw

4 World Cup 2018 Lessons To Build Successful Teams | Leaderonomics

What are some stand-out lessons we can learn after the dust has settled on the Group Stages? But what has been the recipe of those that were successful? Or the folly of those that have not been so far? Is it just a matter of having players of more superior pedigree? If so, how would you explain the result Mexico got against Germany? Given it’s a team sport (Cristiano Ronaldo may wink to that), we thought it would be timely to look back at the group stages to see what lessons we can take from

The Impatient Sisters - "Hanyut"

The Impatient Sisters have thankfully returned, not with a bang, but a sigh. “Hanyut” is the latest song from the Kuantan-born sisters. Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib have built a strong local following on the back of effortless melodies and flawless harmonies. No gimmicks, just bread and butter songwriting. From the evidence of this latest track, it would seem nothing’s changed but yet it feels like everything has as well. Built around a hypnotic, creaking guitar line, the song stays somber

6 reasons why JAIE is the artiste you need to discover today

There’s a sense you get with JAIE that she’s not making music from or for a specific place, but that she’s making music as a citizen of the world. This largely comes from her being so well travelled (she’s lived in New York, Copenhagen and Berlin amongst other places). There’s a worldliness and spunk about her that’s missing from so many bedroom artisans. But who is the mysterious belle behind the songs? And why is she even making music? Her answer, “I’ve never felt the same connection to other

4 reasons why Hyper Rich could win the Neymar Jr's Five world finals

Naavin did weigh in that a lot still needs to be done for Malaysian football to properly compete on the international stage, “We have to be intentional in developing our players physically and mentally from the grassroots.” However as mentioned before, the tournament is very much a tournament to unearth unknown stars so it’s less about the effectiveness of our training regime and sports science and more about how many of our boys and girls are out there every evening kicking a ball around a fiel

Viona - "Srikandi"

Takahara Suiko is like an atom bomb that was dropped on to our unsuspecting music scene. Since debuting with her band of musical misfits and gypsies The Venopian Solitude, she has been on a warpath to effect and re-orientate the status quo. Her music is in-your-face, quirky and blood-and-guts honest. But the most important thing is that she would have no qualms with making you feel uncomfortable if it means being herself. And people have bought into her Kool-Aid, given that it’s an absolute

6 Malaysian Bands with Quirky Band Names

What’s in a name? In the case of bands, it could be a lot. From Toad the Wet Sprocket to Dogs Die In Hot Cars, band names are very much an essential part of band-lore. One could argue Death Cab for Cutie’s meteoric rise could be initially equally attributed to their zany name, as much as their delicious indie pop sound. It’s never certain though. Just look at Coldplay. Nobody’s going to be rushing to attribute their world-conquering antics to their tepid moniker. But we can all agree an ‘interesting’ name can get you noticed. And more importantly, what is the story behind how they got those names to begin with? Wouldn’t you want to know how Jaggfuzzbeats came to deciding on their name? As such, we tracked down a few Malaysian bands to find out just what is the story behind their zany band names.

3 ways Introverts can stand out more in an Extrovert’s world

It’s not easy being an Introvert in this world. After all, the tenets of modern society requires one to not be constantly alone and inward but to reach out and connect. It has become accepted by introverts the world over that if they want to excel in the working world, they would need to stretch out their more extroverted attributes. The common misconceptions remain, that introverts are not as sociable as extroverts or not as expressive. This definition is not accurate if we are using MBTI as a measuring stick. The only difference between an introvert and extrovert is what activity energises or drains them. An introvert can be as sociable or even more socially apt than an extrovert – it just takes more energy out of them.

Amrita Soon - "24 Years"

Singer-songwriter Amrita Soon is clearly a whimsical creature. One only needs to roughly comb through her blog entries to clearly see that. She talks about experiences like being able to hear her audiences’ conversations while she’s playing or about missing her brother’s laughter because she’s been too busy. But mostly, it’s in the way she talks about music, like it’s not just a large part of her existence, but the reason for it. This is after all a girl who at the tender age of 15, paid her

9 Malaysian Hardcore Bands You Have to Check Out

Much like most musical genres these days, division lines can be drawn pretty intricately on hardcore music. Initially a more aggressive offshoot of punk rock borne out of the streets of Southern California with pioneers such as Minutemen and Black Flag, the genre, much like most genres, has gone through metamorphosis over the years. It has branched out to sub-genres such as metalcore (an amalgamation with metal) up to Nintendocore (look that one up).
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