6 types of traditional houses in Malaysia

Interested to know more about the different types of traditional houses in Malaysia and what makes them so unique? Start here. Malaysia, like a lot of culturally rich countries in the world, is a hotbed of culinary surprises, beautiful art forms and yes, architecture. Malaysian architecture draws from influences around the region like colonial and Islamic designs and Asian touches to create something that is uniquely its own. In time for Merdeka this year, we thought it would be a great time t

The Fridays – ‘No One Realizes This Is Nowhere’ review: ’90s pop culture nostalgia from Malaysian six-piece

The Fridays are really in love with nostalgia. On their 2015 debut record ‘Verklempt’, the Malaysian six-piece paid faithful homage to the classic jangly indie pop sounds of Sarah Records artist of the ’90s such as Another Sunny Day and Heavenly. On ‘No One Realizes This Is Nowhere’, they’ve veered off a little more to the west to embrace the universe of ’90s young Americana instead. The Fridays have weaved together a record filled with compelling tales of heartbreak, teenage indolence and yout

Terrible People – ‘Home, In A Way’ review: a cohesive, mature record from the Singaporean emo trio

Emo, as a genre, has always favoured the young, its themes of romantic angst and emotional isolation like catnip for the youthful and restless. Singaporean emo revivalists Terrible People have grappled with this reality over the course of their journey. On their 2019 sophomore album ‘Like Clean Air’, the band had jettisoned the post-uni hedonism of their 2017 debut ‘Smoking Man’ and reluctantly accepted the responsibilities that come with full-time employment. The record sometimes played like a

What are some house moving-in rituals that are practiced here in Malaysia?

There are as many traditions and ceremonies for house moving as there are vibrant cultures and religions in Malaysia. ✉️ Subscribe to us on Telegram to see more content like this. Malaysia, perhaps more than some others, is a truly multicultural country with a unique tapestry of religious beliefs and ceremonies. This extends to most corners of our lives, including the act of moving into a new home. This does make sense. After all, moving into a home is an important step in our lives. A home

8 Best free online games to play during the lockdown!

From online games to phone games and games for kids, there’s something for everyone and it’s all free. Yes, another lockdown is upon us and we can of course hear a collective sigh from everyone – The ongoing FMCO will be conducted in three phases and we can all social activities will be prohibited at least until mid-July 2021. No one likes to be cooped up at home but being at home doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. The trick is to give yourself something exciting and engaging to do. Beside

Jaggfuzzbeats: Malaysian indie rock duo follow a buzzy debut with an “angrier and heavier record”

“People remember us as the band with the burning pants.” Malaysian indie rock band Jaggfuzzbeats are reminiscing about their last album ‘Rest Now’ and its eye-catching cover. In an homage to Pink Floyd’s iconic ‘Wish You Were Here’, the band set fire to a pair of trousers frontman/guitarist Azrul Zainal used to wear in his early gigging days. “Images like that are an investment, so that people remember us,” Azrul says. But ‘Rest Now’ wasn’t memorable just for the flaming apparel on the cover. T

Subsonic Eye – ‘Nature Of Things’ review: Singapore indie rockers shed the reverb to embrace rougher edges

A line from ‘Spiral’, a track off ‘Nature Of Things’, perfectly described 2020 for a lot of us all around the world: “I’m watching forecasts / Thumbing my knees / Wishing for better luck”. Most of us can agree we were happy to see it behind us. Whether 2021 will bring “better luck” remains to be seen, but the year has already brought an excellent new Subsonic Eye record. The Singaporean band certainly haven’t just been sitting around “thumbing their knees”, this being their third full-length al

Kajang - the ultimate neighbourhood and area guide

There’s way more to Kajang than just ‘satay Kajang’. Not only is this township well-connected with MRT Kajang and KTM Kajang, the area is also packed with other famous landmarks like the Dataran Stadium Kajang, Kajang Heritage Centre, Hospital Kajang and De Centrum Mall. Say Kajang and only one thing crosses the minds of most Malaysians – ‘satay’. These meat skewers have become synonymous with the identity of the township over the years. The truth is, fact is always richer than fiction and a cl

Heymun – ‘HYMN’ review: An ambient rebirth with an organic twist | NME

Heymun has described her record ‘HYMN’ as a book, with each track a different chapter. The metaphor may seem innocuous: the Malaysian-born, Australian-based artist was in a dark place emotionally while she was writing ‘HYMN’, and experimenting with modular synths while completing this record helped her find a way out of it. The beauty of the conceit, though, lies in just how accurately it captures the record, not just thematically, but also sonically. Written, recorded and produced by Heymun, ‘

Cyberjaya - the ultimate neighbourhood and area guide

Many may think that Cyberjaya is just a hub for technology centres, but it has grown into a lovely township to live in. Once dubbed the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, Cyberjaya has come a long way from its cold and clinical beginnings to growing into a thriving and liveable township with great amenities and lifestyle options. It used to be a place where people only travelled for work. But these days, more people are seeing it as a viable place to live in thanks to the amount of development that ha

Azmyl Yunor – ‘John Bangi Blues’ review: A no-frills comeback

Not that the omnipresent troubadour ever left. Unlike others who blitz through seasons and fizzle out without a trace, Azmyl has plugged away for the last two decades, never turning down any stage that would have him, from brightly lit malls to watering holes across the South China Sea. Azmyl is not back because he’s been away, but he’s made a return to form. ‘John Bangi Blues’, his fourth full album, is in many ways, the proper sequel to his 2005 lo-fi EP ‘Tenets’. The last 15 years has seen h

Batu Caves - the ultimate neighbourhood and area guide

From a tourist attraction and pilgrimage destination, Batu Caves has grown into a highly sought after township. You don’t have to climb a steep flight of 272 steps or participate in the Thaipusam Festival to discover how amazing this township is. Read on to find out what it’s like living here, what to do in Batu Caves, where to find the best food and the kind of property for sale and rent in this resort town. Most of us only know Batu Caves as the place that comes alive during the Hindu festiva

“They were making rebel music”: ‘Psyche Oh! A Go Go’ curators on Malaysian and Singaporean bands from the ’60s | NME

“Our hope is that this book would inspire more people to come join the fight,” says Adly Syairi Ramly, writer, web-show host and co-creator of book-and-music compilation project Psyche Oh! A Go Go, before correcting himself. “I mean, for more people to join the fun.” To be officially released on August 29, Psyche Oh! A Go Go details some of the forgotten songs and musicians of the Malaysian and Singaporean pop music scenes from 1964 to 1974. Freudian slip? No matter. Adly’s initial sentiment e

5 things that have transformed Ara Damansara into a buzzing place to live in

Ara Damansara’s liveability is off the scale today and here are some reasons why. Ara Damansara is one neighbourhood that feels like it has gone from heading towards the path of mediocrity to being quite a buzzing place to live in recent years. These days, it’s one of the top neighbourhoods that people who are looking to live around the PJ area go to because of its nice balance between affordability and great amenities. So, what exactly were the things that have transformed this neighbourhood

10 Things that will change after CMCO for high-rise dwellers

This is what the new normal would look like after the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) for those living in apartments and condominiums. Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped and reoriented many aspects of our lives. The ‘new normal’ is something we have to contend with post-pandemic. Just what exactly does this new normal look like after the lifting of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)? It probably looks different for people in different walks of life, locations and occupations.

5 reasons co-working spaces are the future of small businesses post-pandemic

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lot of us to reevaluate what we consider to be our workspace. Many of us have gone from working in an office block to working on our kitchen counter. This has in many ways changed many individuals as well as businesses’ way of defining what a workspace could be. Where more traditional business leaders in the past would be uncomfortable with a decentralised model of a workspace, this pandemic has shown in a lot of cases that not being in the offic

5 characteristics of a neighbourhood that keeps you healthy

Did you know that where you live can affect your health, too? There are many things that can affect our health and when our health is affected, our lives can change. Did you know the neighbourhood you live in can affect your health too? We consider many things when we are picking homes, like price and location but we mostly do not consider the health aspect. Depending on where you live, the neighbourhood you’ve chosen to settle in can have an impact on your health. What are some aspects of a n

5 Reasons why Petaling Jaya folks never want to leave PJ

They would eat, sleep and play in PJ all their life if they can! The running joke about PJ people is that their biggest nightmare is heading into KL. They would much rather eat, work and play in PJ rather than head into the ‘big bad’ city. Granted, there is some truth to this joke – you’ll find out why below. → Navigate Covid-19: Property knowledge, stay at home articles and tools. Get started now. Since its establishment in 1954 as a satellite township for KL, Petaling Jaya has been playing

5 Annoying things you have to deal with when you live in Taman Desa

This is for those who are thinking about purchasing or renting a residential property in this quaint neighbourhood! Taman Desa is just one of those suburbs that a lot of people seem to know consequentially. Whether it’s because of its food or because you took a wrong turn on Jalan Klang Lama, Taman Desa has become a suburb that is really loved by people who live there over the years. But that doesn’t mean that its residents don’t have to stomach some annoying things as well… 1. Bugged by frien

5 ways you can use technology to get more clients in 2020

Take advantage of social media and digital marketing to compel more people to buy-in. Even in an extremely competitive space such as the fashion industry, Oxwhite has proven that you can still find a niche and grow from there. Oxwhite is a disruptor in the local fashion landscape. The company uses an online pre-order concept – shirts are made to order and customers receive their shirt 120 days after payment. The pre-order model allows Oxwhite to cut out excessive costs often associated with ph
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